Redruth Press is a collaboration between two artists, Caroline Wilkins and Tony Minnion. They use a mobile screen printing workshop to instigate conversations at different places and events in Cornwall, UK that engage with as many people as possible. They also run workshop sessions with hands-on engagement sharing accessible poster printing processes.

Redruth Press reproduce their coherent and punchy poster designs in a range of different products for public display.

Caroline Wilkins is a print maker/contemporary artist working with print processes on and with objects to make large scale installations. With over 25 years of teaching experience, including many spent working with children excluded from mainstream education, she now delivers printmaking classes for adults and works on commissioned art projects.

Tony Minnion is a contemporary landscape painter who paints on the Cornish North Coast.  He learned screen printing at 16 and has used it for political and social engagement  across the community ever since.  He works in combination with digital processes to create individual and large collaborative art works for public display in various forms including banners, flags and hoardings. He also specialises in working with people who are Neurologically-diverse.